A Farmer's Perspective

Visiting farms in Cuba is a significantly holistic experience to visiting most farms in North America, due mostly to the universal organic farming and sustainability practices across Cuba. With the fall of the Soviet Union, Cuba found itself in dire economic straits, with no petrol or pesticides available, the people of Cuba faced the threat of starvation. The only alternative to modern agriculture was a return to traditional methods of farming the land without pesticides or expensive farm equipment. Though industrial farming practices remained out of reach for the farmers of Cuba, this new challenge spurred the people to create fully sustainable organic farms on small parcels that could produce enough food to support the farm and surrounding community.

One small farm located in Matanzas,Cuba known as the Finca La Coincidencia farm is no different. The unassuming, fully sustainable and organic farm grows a plethora of standard agricultural fare: fruits, vegetables, rice, and coffee, but with one extraordinary edition known as the Arte Del Fuego event and its accompanying sculpture garden. Started in the 1990’s by a family of craftsman Correa, the event brings sculpture artists from all over the country together to exchange ideas, show their work, and contribute to a project that blends art and agriculture in perfect harmony.

The owner, Hector, provides visitors to the farm with his singularly poetic philosophy on how art and the earth work synergistically to give us everything we need in life. Finca La Coincidencia’s school/workshop/gallery hybrid has come to be revered internationally as a shining example of the power of combining resourcefulness with creative expression to create something that nourishes the body and the spirit.